Greetings Everyone . . . . .

Well . . . . . The BAND BARGE was launched yesterday. We put it in at the Riviera Bay neighborhood boat ramp and drove it to the dock behind my house. It performed well and was still proudly afloat this morning!

We launched it and it floats! We put brown tarps on it, temporarily, in order to protect musicians and equipment from rain and harsh sun. Eventually, we want to have a fitted top made for it BUT . . . . That costs $1000.00 and free concerts do not promote much cash flow! So . . . Until our ship comes in, we will be using the tarps.

While we have it built and fitted well enough to do Sunday’s Concert, it is still a work in progress. We have had some very generous people that helped work on it and also donated parts, materials, and cash. Without all the help, we would not have this barge. Thanks again, to everyone who helped. It was truly a team effort and we actually made it to the water in time. Now . . . If the weather just gives us a break . . . . !

We have current registration, numbers are on, life jackets, fire extinguisher, all legal and proper! We even have a small tool kit and a spare battery. Max likes it, too!

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