We have received an overwhelming and extremely positive group of responses to the last “Band Barge Update”. It seems that lots of people are looking forward to the event. We have talked about which day to actually do the concert and it was suggested that we should do it on Sunday, and that would leave Monday open for folks to recuperate or be with family, prior to returning to work on Tuesday.

We still don’t know if the motor will run but, if it does not, we will tow the barge to the sandbar, as we have done in past years. As a reply we received so correctly said, “The show must go on”. We also had comments like, “We wouldn’t miss it!” and “Count us in”, “We’ll be there”, and the very excited comment, “I will be there if I have to walk on water!”, and so many more. We appreciate all the positive energy that comes from so many people.

We are in need of some volunteer services, if anyone can help. Lyle has a boating friend that has some lights and they will help out with that. Dave Summersill is a good musician and a pretty good electrician, so he has volunteered to wire up those lights and a few necessary DC items. We do not, however, have canvas for the top. We have built a pitched roof, tube frame that is about 8 1/2 feet by 22 feet long and covers the entire barge. We are in need of someone who can make a canvas cover to fit that roof framework. Also, if anyone knows how to rig a 50 horse Force outboard by Mercury, that would be helpful, as well.
In any case, we will be there, at the sandbar, and we will play. Batteries or generator . . . . we are not certain. Top or no top . . . that is also a question. But . . We WILL be there.

Thanks to each and every one of you for the encouragement and support.

Band Barge