The Labor Day 2011 gig went great!

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Greetings everyone!
We are doing our LABOR DAY CONCERT at the sandbar in “P” Channel on SUNDAY – September 4th. We will probably start about noon or so and play as long as it is comfortable and appropriate. We have a tarp cover on the Band Barge but hopefully, we can dodge any serious rain. Forecast calls for 40% but they say the pattern is for late afternoon or evening showers, instead of the reverse pattern we have been experiencing lately. We are definitely a GO . . . . Unless the weather is so severe that boating is not happening.

P channel sandbar Weedon Island

TO ALL MUSICIANS: This is going to be a great deal of fun – weather and tides permitting. We always have a really big crowd and everyone that attends has been very appreciative of our musical efforts. Obviously, you are all invited and welcome to play on the new “BAND BARGE”. Aside from the regulars, I understand that a number of others also want to play. We have Rob, Gary, Lyle, Mr. Bill, John, Joe, and me (Hal) scheduled and anyone else that wishes to participate, please contact me. We will probably leave the dock behind my house at about 11:00 A.M. to possibly 11:30 A.M. That means we need all the gear on board and pre-setup, as much as practical for the short voyage to the sandbar. We will be taking my deck boat, as well as the band barge. There should be plenty of room for all musicians that want to participate. Bring what you want to drink and probably some sunscreen.

I want to, once again, thank everyone who has been contributing time, effort, materials, and cash, to building the “BAND BARGE”. It is almost ready and, while it may not have all the finishing touches on it by Sunday . . . It WILL be at the sandbar and it will serve us well as a floating stage, unless a severe storm blows up.

Here are some progress photos:

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