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This Blues For You This Blues For You
01- 300 Pounds
02- Can’t Sing The Blues
03- Mississippi Hoo Doo Man
04- Lay Down Sally
05- Let Me Love You Baby
06- Game Of Love
07- Room With A View
08- Woke Up This Mornin’ Blues
Hal Hammer Playin With My Friends Playin’ With My Friends
01- Air Conditined Room
02- Lay Down Sally
03- Blues Inside My Head
04- The Thrill Is Gone
05- Chuck Berry Tribute
06- You Got Your Blues I Got Mine
07- Woke Up This Mornin’
08- Shame, Shame, Shame
09- The Game Of Love
10- Headin’ Out Blues
BELOW ARE IN PROCESS – Will Be on Site Soon

Blues Across The Country

Lookin For Trouble
Cant Play The Blues In AN Air Conditioned Room
Playin With My Friends
Hals Blues
Straight Up Blues Band