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Here are some individual shots that Just stand alone.

Elias McDaniel Bo Diddley Photo of a legend and he was a great friend. He is the late, great Elias McDaniel, better known as Bo Diddley.
Semour Duncan. He is a great guitarist and one of the most innovative guys I have ever known to design and build pickups. He is also a hell of a nice guy! Seymour Duncan
The Terrace Room at the Wyndham in Arlington, TX with Zeb on Harp and C.D. Morris on Bass.
This is a photo of our Samick Endorsing Artist Performers’ group. That’s Hal on the left, in the middle is C.D. Morris, “Mississippi HooDoo Man” and on the right is Grammy winner Tommy Alsup.
Young Hal Hammer Here is Hal in one of his earliest bands touring overseas in Shannon, Ireland.